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Re: EU Limits Vacuum Cleaners

Interesting comments.  We have a nice hardwood floor in the living room. The room was extended when we remodeled  years ago and I find it easier to clean than carpet. It is difficult now for me to vacuum but I have always found it easier to use a dust mop. I have had to give up throw rugs due to unstable walking and I miss them as they collect a lot of dirt and can easily be shaken.

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Re: EU Limits Vacuum Cleaners

I agree about dust mopping a nice, smooth wood floor. I won't use " throw" rugs, due to tripping hazards, left foot drops when I get tired, has ever since I broke that ankle in 1991. I generally only use well-backed area rugs, some are pretty big ones at that.

I have really gotten happy with the hard floor cleaner Hoover makes, called a " Floormate". It sprays the water with cleanser mixed in, then sucks it up, and can be switched to suck the floor completely dry. It does great in our many vinyl-floored rooms. Everywhere else, I stick to an Animal canister now.
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