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Early bird errands?

Never thought I would turn into a morning person, but the older I get, the earlier I feel like starting, at last most days. Rolled out from Jenna's this morning about 7:15, twenty minutes to town. This is a pattern that has developed over the last few weeks, when we overnight at Jenna's house.

Had to start with what opens earliest, meaning Lowe's for new hooks to hang the pool poles, then the good grocery store for lots of sauces for our skillet suppers.

Sam's opens to our type of membership at seven, too, but I wanted that further down the list. Even with cold packs and insulated bags, 100-degree plus humitures make you want to move cold foods fast.

The only stop that had to wait until ten was the Verizon store, and I was out by 10:05, home and cooking our bacon and eggs for brunch by 10:30. No lines even at Target. Just a much more efficient time of day to get things done.

This left my day open for yard work, which today was short, done by noon. During the heat of the day, I was inside with the AC enjoying a documentary, instead of melting in an overheated car parked on asphalt parking lots.

I know most of you are early birds. With Mike's railroad job on second shift for most of 23 years, I just evolved into a night owl. I guess this is a benefit of being self-employed...being able to set my own schedule.

Do you like town when it's more like a ghost town, or do you enjoy the bustle of a lot of fellow shoppers?
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