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Early gardening tricks?

Having read a whole lot of gardening books in my adult years, I am still not the holder of the greenest thumb. Was posting with a childhood friend on FB this morning...she is in the VA mountains, which us quite different from being on the Fall Line there.

I mentioned that we had hauled a stash of those wall o' waters things, the rings of plastic tubes that you fill with water, set in the spot where you want to start some early plants. I hadn't used them in many years, but look forward to it this spring.

I have had an unheated greenhouse, but never a heated one. Never built a cold frame. The area I have decided to build beds in at Jenna's is the warmest SW facing hillside I can find in that yard.

Some of you have got to have very short growing seasons. Our last frost date in VA is March 15th, and first fall frost date is October 15th, so seven pretty good months most years. Some cold crops will grow all winter most years...collards and such.

I have never been great at getting good results by starting seed indoors. My early trick this year will be the water tubes. Any of you have good strategies for extending your gardening season?
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