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I know it's rude, but sometimes you just can't help it! I am getting some work done from a small-town coffee shop today. Jayson travels between several towns in our area for work, so some days I ride along with him and he'll drop me off in coffee shops or other wi-fi locations to get some work done while he has his appointments. It's nice to be able to ride along with him, and we get to have lunch together, so it's always a good day. Anyway, this particular coffee shop in this particular town has the most interesting patrons. There's a group of older folks I've seen in here before, and their conversations are the best. So far this morning, I have heard the following:


  • A very raunchy (and hilarious) joke told by one gal, making the whole table erupt with laughter.


  • Plans were made to go ice skating (!!!) on Thursday.


  • One gal when describing another gal who is apparently a bit of a coot: "She's 'Ty Cobb' cranky!" (I am now going to use this expression on a daily basis.)


  • Another gal describing why she chooses to stay in Iowa instead of going south for the winter: "There are too many old people in Florida!"


I spent about 45 minutes at the table next to theirs, cracking up inside at their funny quotes and stories. I hope that when I'm their age, I'm meeting my friends in a coffee shop, telling raunchy jokes, and making plans to go ice skating. I love it!

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