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Ebola patients, Bertha & ramblings

The second aide worker with Ebola virus illness is homeward bound. Now, a few suspected cases are turning up in places around the country, waiting for test results from the CDC.

Hospitals are said to be prepared to handle the virus on places like New York City, where the newest suspected case arose, at Mt. Sinai. I doubt the average small rural regional facility could say the same thing.

I don't dwell on things like this the way I used to, but it is alarming to think people are traveling back from the parts of Africa and returning to their daily lives. Do you think a quarantine period is in order? I know that animals arriving are held for various periods of quarantine routinely by USDA. It makes sense to me....

Bertha is looking like she will stay offshore. We are so wet already, I certainly hope so. Every inch of rain is X $$$$ in diesel we have to buy to pump down lagoons. Cost of doing business, but not a pretty one. At least prices seem to be dropping a bit fir fuel this last couple of weeks.

Hitting the road in a nit, to grab supplies at Sam's, and see if I can score some nice jeans for Winn at the consignment store. Planning to drop a load off at the " studio" house in VA, check on Jenna's old kitty, and catch up with my helper, to give him some bits and pieces to finish up some parts of the job there.

Company comes a week from Thursday, or maybe next Wednesday night. Kitchen and bathrrom cleanups are on my list for this week and weekend...yuck! Can anyone recommend a good oven cleaner?

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