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Estimates and all that jazz....

Well, the dealership just called about the estimate on my Mazda. This was the one the local mechanc told Mike to trade in last week, after he put it on his diagnostic computer. It needs the timing chain, and some less pricey other bill $1470 and change. Hard to justify giving up on an almost $40,000 to replace SUV, for that amount, with only 100,000 miles on the odometer.

The irrigation unit that was misfiring is doing fine, just by running injector cleaner through it with this tank of fuel. Major repair avoided, for next to nothing. In defense of the dealer, he did suggest that fix first.

The icemaking machine will run a bit over $1400; but, spread out over ten years, that is less than 50 cents a day. The local appliance dealer I had called did not sell them, but told me to go,ahead and replace it. He said cheaper models he looked at online had terrible reviews, which I had already found out for myself.

As bad as $2900 sounds for repairs for the week, it could have been so much worse. The remanufacturer that SIL found for our computer boxes for the hog house ventilation controls will save us that much in three replacements...and, we have already sent off three and have three more ready to ship.

I tend to get upset when a bunch of things break down all at once. Truth be told, probably a few things had been broken but avoided for a while, so it all ended up being dealt with in one week. Just likemthose accumulated computer boxes...we put off handling problems until there is a break in the normal action.

What a relief...I think the service writer was shocked that I didn't have a meltdown about the Mazda when she called. I guess it just depends upon what you deal with in the course of being in business. I just wonder how many people take bad advice, and end up paying way more than they need to pay for professonal repair work.

What is the worst advixe you have w er been given about making a repair? i think I just heard mine this past week....