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Fall has fell!

Really could tell it outdoors today. Mild, warm sunshine, high only in the seventies. The pumpkins and gourds are getting there, the flowers are putting on a brave last show.

I found bright orange rose hips on some of the spring-planted bushes today, while checking them after making a last bed of new ones. Stuck a row of garlic bulbs into the berry bed, and worked my way around the wasps, who wanted the ripe blackberries almost as much as I did.

My cherry tree is already changing color. Sort of shocked me. The mums and other fall perennials are starting to break open their buds. Just a peaceful few hours of puttering about in total quietude. My only problem was rustling the housecat back indoors. She really wanted to be a wildcat today.

Hope the coming season is a good one fir all of you. My crowd is busy with the last cutting of hay. They didn't even miss me today.