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Ruby Lou
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Farm Boys

My son and his buddy just came in my office.  Class is over for the day and they are already bored.  The buddy said "I don't wanna go home"  I said Home as in Home home or home as in apartment and he said apartment.  they are already bored of sitting in their apartment.  Said that sitting in a "shop" is better than sitting in an apartment.  I told my son when we moved him in that life will be a whole lot differant than livin on the farm. I think last week ws beer party week and this week is slowing down a bit...thank goodness!  Last night they went for a drive....I guess they were happy they were on gravel!  LOL.  Gonna be a long year boys.   Really don't have time to get jobs, but when harvest starts they will be able to go home to help on the farm.  We have our Missouri boy back to help us when he is off class, thank goodness as the hired man is off for 6 months with his broken arm.

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Re: Farm Boys

Country people do get to paint their lives on a lot larger canvas. Kids who have land to wander on and lots of different spaces to spend spare time in have a whole different brain, than those who grew up in a suburban house with yard, or a city apartment.

Hopefully, the classes they take will begin ti be challenging enough to occupy them more fully. The whole world of girls is out there to discover, too!
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