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Farm bell and other relics?

Out under the shed here in NC, we have stashed the cast iron farm bell from Mike 's homeplace.  It was taken down ages ago, and I think we brought it here to kerp it from " disappearing ".  That is my best recollection, snyway.


the support bracket for itbwas separated from it...cannot remember why.  Jusy looked up replacements online, and.YIKES!, the prices.  I really want to put this back up in the yard at Jenna's house, since it really belongs there.  Guess we need to take the measurements and bite this bullet.


The bell parts website I found had all sorts of interesting history.  The main story about our family's bell was what my darling FIL once told me about his mother ringing it when he was out in the fields, calling him for meals, "The mule could hear it before I could. " 


Just trying to restore a little bit more of the family heritage.  Made me wonder what artifacts you have from the founders of your farm...and if they are still used, even if only ornamentally? 


I am thinking this could call Mike to meals when he is out working fence or firewood, and can call my riders in off the trails.