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Farmers market haul...

Peaches looked good, and sweet corm is wt its peak here in VA/NC. We are trying two new kinds of squash...Mediterranean for grilling, and some funny round ones for stuffing and baking, in addition to our standard yellow straightnecks, for simmering down and " sticking" with a great old Vidalia onion.

We ate everything bought last week, except one head of cabbage, which is likely to end up in a crock as an experiment in kimchee. Mike is getting good at grilling veggies outdoors, and we even used the panini press for eggplant,one rainy evening,when he didn't feel like doing the backstroke to and from the grill shed.

I would never have thought he would adapt to eating vegetarian as readily as as he has. The occasional grilled chicken breast on a salad at Chik-fil-A is about it for us, unless I fry up a mess of fish fillets.

I know this sounds like sacrilege, coming from a hog farmer, but I finally realized that most of my stomach distress in recent months comes after a meal of meat. Thought I needed the protein, but realized that we " fatten" animals in corn and bean feed, actually adding lean muscle mass with plants alone.

I am trying to develop what one author calls " vegetable literacy." Growing up in a meat and potatoes household, I had never really thought much about the " side" dishes. Other than days when lunch and supper were a pot of beans and a pan of biscuits, we might have gone a while without anything green, or that was ever green.

it is apparent to me that we needed to take a new direction in our dietary habits. Will probably always crave and consume a bit of bacon, but we treat it like a condiment now.

What's for supper at your house tonight? We are grilling corn and probably an eggplant....
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