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Fianlly back in my shop...

...this afternoon, moving some storage boxes of supplies to the crafting area up there.  Actually got the first coat of paint on some cafe' doors we use to divide the bathroom that we laid new flooring in last month, too.  When I will find time for the second coat is another question....



One good thing we have learned in all this fixing up period in Va is that we can still teach ourselves a few new tricks.  The two rentals needed screens on several windows apiece.  The last screen I had repaired for this house cost me $35 at a shop in town.   What a dummy! 



This bunch at that rate would have set us back $400 or so. My historic preservation technology classes have taught me that I can fix almost anything, if I have the right materials, a few tools, and some time.  Usually, if I take something apart, I can figure out how to put it together again. 


So, with one broken screen frame, I sat and studied, and realized that I could fix this, too.  Bought a roll of fiberglass screen fabric and some corners and tension clips at Lowe's plus a bucket of spline and the Rollerknife. 


Got with Mike in the shop this afternoon, and we figured out how to make it all come together as a workable windowscreen.  We had bought 100 feet of the fabric, since it is way cheaper that way than in a smaller roll.  Used maybe a fourth of, could have gotten by cheaper, but we are ready for repairs next time now. 


After we figured out the first one, SIL showed up, and he and Mike went to town on the rest of them.  I figured out each set of sides, reading and figuring from my notes from Tuesday's work day there, gave them the lengths, and got out of their way. 


While they got the rest of the dozen screens done, I got the bathroom in teh shop finally fitted out. Hung TP holder, mirror, and soap and paper towel commercial dispensers.  When they were about  done, I cracked open my can of trim paint, and had a nice hour or so to just sit and spread color. 


It felt good to be able to just sit and listen to the rain on the roof, and piddle on my own little projects for a while this afternoon.  One thing about a crisis situation and a total disruption of your life:  It makes normal seem so comforting again.  I had forgotten that, until recently. 


Do you appreciate what constitutes your "average" day? 

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Re: Fianlly back in my shop...

Oh, yeah.
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Re: Finally back in my shop...

To tell you the truth, we have always had small "crises." That is our normal. Now, I'm not saying I don't know what a big crisis would be like, since we've had a few in my lifetime. I simply don't know what a relaxing day with paint would be since most everything ranks above that.

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Re: Finally back in my shop...

My painting pleasure only lasted about an hour...longer than that, and I sort of want to drink some wine...don't know why.  Didn't get back in time to put on the second coat today, but I will find another hour, sooner or later. 


Mike installed all of our homebuilt screens today, and they worked fine.  We did see two small windows we'd missed measuring last week, and so I will be buying a few more parts; but, we have PLENTY of the screen fabric.  I can handle these myself. 


He got the dishwasher installed in the last rental that needed one  Also switched out a kitchen faucet from Jenna's house to that one, and put in a nicer one we had, from our tearout of the old kitchen here last fall, in her sink. 


Got my wisteria planted down where it can run wild and bloom its purple heart out, and plugged in fifteen perennials in the beds I had already built.  Ran boulders and mulch further along the front of Jenna's house...all the way to the corners.  One more load of mulch sacks and a couple more trips with boulders ought to get me pretty much done for now, if i decide to go ahead and do the back side, too...which it would make sense to do, while I am at it.   


Figured out where I go next with that, will be picking up bargain plants through out the fall, and then have a ton of tulip bulbs on the way, to plant in October.  The three big lavendar crepe myrtles that were crunchy and brown last week are putting out new leaves...YAAAAAAH!


The telephone line was strung across the front yard, on top of the ground.  No dial tone, so I called and got them to promise to come back Monday.  Have a new alarm install appointment Tuesday, but will probably put it off a couple more days, to see for sure that I have a dial tone first. 


Found the AC not working in the second rental, while Mike was plumbing there, so had to call the tech to come back tomorrow.  They've had a lot of severe storms up there this weekend, and he's had to replace a lot of capacitors, so hopefully it is nothing worse than that...or, it's the whole thing, which would be an insurance claim.  Anything  in between those extremes is trouble. 


A local girl and her boyfriend stopped by to inquire about renting, and I let them walk through the two houses that are ready.  When she asked about renting, I referred her to the agent..,.which was a HUGE relief to me.  She did comment that my choice of agents "will get you top dollar" for rents.  That made me feel good about my decision to hire her. 


While we were working  back and forth and outside, our son called to say he's going to be ready for us to take the house he lived in back from him this week.  I called the HVAC man and plumber, and set them up to work at his place Thursday and Friday. 


He says he will be there those days, cleaning up, after finishing a job in the first half of the week.  That may allow us to have that one ready to rent by September, too.  Hope I am not too optimistic...but a girl can dream, can't she? 


I know we will have a lot of yardwork there...but that is us, and thus cheaper than all these contractors. 


Two down and one to go...adn this one ought to be less trouble than the rest.  I have decided that Jenna's house from here on out is a walk, not a race. 


Oh, BTW, our son also told me that the intruders evidently ran out of the lane so fast last week, they skimmed across the tar road - one short set of black marks - and ended up in the ditch and up against the bank on the other side.  He and his helper saw it the next day, but I didn't notice it. 


I hope they tore their crap up good...maybe will discourage them from coming back. 










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