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Re: Finally Friday! Checking on you...

Have some styrafoam coolers and grocery bags ready so when they are getting ready to leave you can load them up with al the stuff that she bought/brought in the first place.  😄


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Re: Finally Friday! Checking on you...

I wonder how the whole crowd will take this being Suey's and her DH's house now, instead od the in- laws' place, too.

What a wonderful chance to set up new habits and clean eating, with a new kitchen! I am comtinually weeding out stuff from our bad habits lifestyle.
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Re: Finally Friday! Checking on you...

I would have to get VERY well with family that were going to stay in that situation.  You are a very gracious soul, Suey.  I would probably be a raving maniac with all of that.


On the home front here I seem to be chasing my tale.  Brian & my oldest son/family are in CA. visiting my brother and having a ball although Brian is rather homesick.  He has enjoyed a lot of the trip but 11 days is too long for him.  I'm sure they all will be tired when they get home.


We have hay that didn't get cut by the friend (we pay him for his services tho) on time.  We had to wait for him to start then he took a lunch break.  Consequently it wasn't ready to bag the next day; only got an hour or so done before it poured.  Not ready the next day & we have had nothing but rain, & nearby even hail, since.  Grrr.   We are hoping it won't damage the seeding underneath.  I leave that stuff up to DH.


A new calf we had is not too perky either.  DH thinks he may have pneumonia.  Going out to take his temp in a minute.  DGS #1 has been here to help, earning money for college, this last week.  Grocery store saw me more than usual.  That boy does like to eat but we enjoyed him immensely.  I seem to have more to do with mom and then a friend had asked me for lunch, etc. so I feel like I have neglected Ronnie.  So out to help today before it rains.  The weeds in the gardens are growing faster than I can even think of keeping up with.  Wish I could get one day with a crew here to help.  And we are going to have relatives visit July 5 and Aug. 25 so I should get to work on the house too.Sorry tohear about Rex.  That is so so hard.

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Re: Finally Friday! Checking on you...

Well the quitting smoking isn't going at all.  Still really trying to figure out how to deal with other issues that to me are interfering.

Last weekend we dashed to the wedding of one of sons good friends.  Good kid, he's worked for us some over the years and he and Walt have been friends forever.  He was in Walt's wedding and Walt was in his.  Was very nice, they had the ceremony outside in one of the gardens of an old renovated farm that is booking itself as a garden spot and wedding venue.  They lucked out and missed the rain and wind and cool weather.  Day either way wouldn't have been as nice.

Corn is in the ground.  First cutting is in the bag and the hayfields that needed to be plowed down and worked now have corn in them.

Have gotten lots of rain the last couple of days.  Nothing severe, just more moisture than we really needed and the temp just isn't good.  Too cool, yet so muggy it's uncomfortable.  Hard weather for cows to be comfortable in.

This past Friday we made the trip to the lawyer's office to officially sign the papers for the sale of the farm and the estate plan we had them draw up. Had to dash back home  though so I could do calf chores.  The one employee we let do calf work wasn't feeling well,l worked in the morning but left during shift in the afternoon.  So dil brought brunch here today and then we worked on putting together the package for the bank to finish getting set to build a little bit more barn before fall. We simply want to extend one enough to put on 80 more cows.  Once it gets started should only take a couple of weeks 3 at the tops to complete.  Biggest headache will be some horizontal boring that will have to be done, but it has to be done whether the barn goes up or not.  They decided to build a pumping station for moving liquids from one lagoon to another instead of always using the portable pump and tractor.

Have a trip to Mackinaw Island planned for the end of June, it'll be our 41st anniversary.  Haven't been back to the island since our honeymoon.  Weird I know but last year for our 40th was just not possible.  We'll also go up to the UP and spend a little time with our daughter there.

Then we are working on an Open House on July 11th.  All the kids have arranged time to be home and July is the 25th anniversary of our move to the farm


So busy I guess but am still working on how I am going to conquer the smoking thing.


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