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Finally found a local plumber!!!

Guy from not too far from the farm is a recently retired maintenance man, and now has his own plumbing business.  We have one shower in the house that has a leak - not from the plumbing itself, but the enclosure - and he diagnosed the whole problem in five minutes or less on Friday.  We set a time for him to come back early next week. 


Meanwhile, the mixing valve on the boiler system is starting to restrict the hot water to the house, so he's got that on order and will install it next week.  I had bought a backup small electric heater last winter, to help in such situations, but hadn't had an installer until now.  He's going to do that, too, with a switch to flip it on as needed. 


On the other end of the place, he's going to finish the bathroom repairs at my old country store.  In that space, he's got to hook up an old double kitchen sink we salvaged from the kitchen remodel last year, and set up the oversized shower floor I bought for a panel washing station for my completed stained glass projects. 


That last one is going onto a tabletop, so no more bending over to handle that heavy, slippery work!   All of those will be benefitting from a new water heater installed on a switch, too. 


He says he can do all of this in two days., but I will be thrilled if it gets done in three.  He's bringing all the fittings, and even the second water heater.  No more wrestling those honking huge things in the truck all the way home. 


A bonus is that I found the storage pedestals for my washer and dryer on clearance at Lowe's earlier today.  Had to call from the store I was in in VA to the one nearer home in NC, but I called ahead to have them pulled and set out, and Mike picked them up on the way home, while I was in TKD.  No more stooping over to drag out heavy workclothes, and finally some more drawer space in the laundry room.   


It is so good to have the major building stuff knocked in the head, so we can tweak our systems now.  Little conveniences that feel like luxuries make all the difference. 


Now, If someone would just invent a self-cleaning birdcage....

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Re: Finally found a local plumber!!!

Can't help with the birdcage.  But I have my washer on a pedestal & can understand it being much easier on the back.

If I had to do it over I would stick to the top loading washer style.  Think I would be much happier.  Stuck now though.

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Re: Finally found a local plumber!!!

Being this short, I always had trouble reaching the bottom of the washer tub, on really big machines. The frontloaders wring out the clothes SO much more thoroughly, too. I think I will stick with my Frigidaire frontloaders from here on out.

I have been eyeing the pedestals for a couple of years, but balked at $200 apiece for what was essentially a big base drawer. They had marked them down and with my discount on the commercial card, we got them together for $300. Not terrific, but they are evidently phasing hem out, so it was like now or never, I think.

My thrill at finding a local guy with skills is that we don't have to pay an hour of his time to get him here each day, to just start the work. This man seemed very logical and grasped exactly what I wanted done in each spot, too. He even made a run over to figure out and order a special valve we turned up needing after his first visit, too. Finding someone with some common sense was refreshing.

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