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Fine tuning

Sitting here at home, a week after the thundering horde of horsey people descended upon Jenna's house for four days, I am making mental notes of what we could do to make things work more smoothly next time.  Everything went so well, it is actually hard to improve upon the get-together. 


Daughter and I spent the afternoon on the road with Winn, picking up food and beverage supplies for his first birthday party on Sunday...yes, it HAS been a year.  We talked about what would make it easier on her. 


She's got enough on her shoulders, with a toddler, hauling a huge horse trailer loaded with five horses and several others in friends' trailers, and then has to figure out meals for a big bunch of hungry riders.  There's a nice Food Lion store about five minutes from the farm, but they can only leave so early, with kids arriving for the trip departure after school, and inevitably, one driver takes a wrong turn, etc. 


I suggested that from now on, I might go up earlier in the day, as I did this time, but also prepare an easy supper for everyone - pot of chili and cornbread, a beef stew or some barbecue pork sandwiches...easy, inexpensive stuff.  Pan of brownies or batch of cookies baked ahead of time for dessert. 


I need to take up some of the kids' old board games, cards and puzzles, too.  I've said I don't  want any videogames in the house.  It is a vintage home and most stuff in it is of a certain age.  It feels like stepping back in time, which I think is fun. 


That said, anyone who needs Internet can hook up through my DROID, when I give them my security code.  It's an unlimited usage package, so no issues of overuse or running up charges. 


I can see where we might want to make some of the vehicles park down the hillside, behind the house, instead of clogging up the front yard, where the horse trailers and campers set up.  Our big LP pig cooker may as well get hauled up big crowds will be eating here, or we can haul it back, if so. 


I am a novice at hosting big groups.  Daughter says they loved it, and will be coming back soon.  They handled cooking and lsundry communally.  All I had to do this trip was play with Winn.  I am not looking to take over anything...just feel they would enjoy a hot meal after they unload and feed the horses, and set up their campsites. 


I know a lot of you have big families, and/or host large groups on a fairly frequent basis.  What's your best hostess tip for making eveyrthing run smooth as silk? 



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