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First aid...and why I wanted to study medical stuff a bit

Mike and his chainsaw had a minor encounter, as chainsaw encounters go - about two this afternoon.  He made it into the house and called out for me to get the first aid kit and meet him in the back room. 

 I grabbed it out of the closet by the backdoor, and found him sitting in the rocker by the woodstove, his pants leg shredded up pretty good, blood soaking his left sock way down into his boot.  He pulled up the leg of his bibs and the jersey pants he wears underneath them. 

There was a jagged cut on the middle of his shin.  I handed him some clean paper towels to soak up blood.  When I got a good look at it.  I could see where the blade had entered, and how it had sliced up his shin, pushing the flap of flesh up, and leaving a good wide-open cut.  It was right near the bone, and about as deep as it could go without hitting it. 

I pulled off his boot and told him to hold pressure on it, and propped his foot up on the other chair.  When I told him he'd be getting some stitches, I had to hear a bunch of fuss; but, he could not tell me the date of his last tetanus shot, and I couldn't  recall it either, so he finally gave in. 

Doctor was not in his office, so we spent the rest of the afternoon going to the ER.. Once he was in a treatment room, he made me go back to the truck.  My chest was starting to tighten up from the chemical smell in there, after only about fifteen minutes. 

It took nearly  three hours for them to put in seven stitches and give one tetanus shot.  His discharge meds were written wrong, so I caught that at the pharmacy, and had them call it back to clarify the order. 

He's propped up now, ice pack on and off per doctor's orders, to deal with the pain from the leg.. So far, he's complained more about the tetanus booster. 

For all the denying how bad it was, so as not to have to go get treatment, he finally admitted that he did need care.  When he had his eyeglasses on in the ER, and they took off my bandaging, he said he could see it for the first time...and it was way worse than he had realized at home.   

Not a devastating event, but an unsettling, as it could have been so much worse.  I was glad I knew better what to do, and had the supplies on hand to do it.  I'll be re-stocking my first aid kit tomorrow...I urge anyone who's read this far to do the same at your house. 

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