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Fix-it frenzy

Linda's thread about food processors reminded me to order repair parts for the blender, so I can continue to enjoy my afternoon yogurt smoothies.  Done.

When I get involved away from home, I tend to let a lot of small repairs you?  Something or other is turning up every day or so now. 

We need a bake coil for the office oven, too.  Need to pull the model number and order that, too. 

As I work around the place, I am finding a lot more things that have been misplaced, have gotten broken, or have just worn out. 

Had to get a new leaf rake at Lowe's today.  I know mine is here somewhere, but I've looked for 3-4 days now.  The way this works is that this new one draws the old one out of hiding, hopefully before I remove the stickers from and lose the receipt for the one I got today.  If not, it will turn up as soon as I use it once or twice....

Isn't that how the universe works?

While doing errands after class, I also stopped by Tractor Supply, to buy a new set of wheels for my garden wagon.   The same basic wheels at Lowe's cost as much as a whole new wagon would.  Forty bucks at TSC beats $129 across the street. 

It's going to get a new spray coat of paint, too.  I am thinking red, so I can see it and not run over it with the golf cart, or back over it with my tiny tractor. 

Lots to do, and finally some beautiful weather to enjoy working outdoors, getting warm enough to paint at last.  Hope you are enjoying your first full day of spring, too!

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Re: Fix-it frenzy

Grrrr....I am envious!  Please send the warm weather on over the mountains to us.  It was nice today but supposed to be back in the deep freeze by Wednesday.  I am so anxious to get outside in my garden. 

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Re: Fix-it frenzy

WRAL's weatherman teased us tonight with a sudden temperature drop in the forecast..."details at eleven."  I've got enough indoor and out door fix-its to last me thourhg a full year's weatehr swings! 

Even this stinkin' laptop quit cold last night.  When I walked into our local Staples Office Supply this afternoon after class, my favorite geek was not too busy to give me a free fix/tuneup.  It's runnign faster, too. 

He even got the "backspace" key that I had been keeping up with for months now, by Scotch-taping it to the the space below the keyboard,  reattached in its proper spot.  That is the kind of stupid stuff I'd been doing, all due to school. 

We've got a wall that needs some significant repair...son-and-helper repair, not us - that I should have seen a year ago, and only found while pruning overgrown shrubs yesterday.  This is a big messy situation...will take the boys several days, if it's only as bad as what I can see right now. 

Add to that the dryer vent that had lost its louvers...wide-open hole for anything to crawl up into the house, not to mention a huge cold air leak!  If I knock three things off my list every day, several more than that are turning up as priorities. 

Translation: Old house = money pit!

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