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Flags and could win a aprize

Six hours ago, before the telephone started ringing for the day - it's been one of those! - I started out to my porch clothesline to hang out a load of freshly-laundered flags and banners.  They had been hanging neatly on clip hangers in the pool house, and when I was cleaning out there on Sunday, I noticed they were looking kind of sad.   

Made a mental note to wash them my first day at home this week.  I will, I swear, get them all hung up before dark! 

Two doors with lites at the top half are kept private with "Welcome" design a sunflower with dark colors and the other a lighter one with butterflies.  Had previously taken down the cardinals with snow scenes...already clean and folded away for next winter. 

I know there is one small one out on the metal flag hanger by the pool.  I plan to take that all down tomorrow and paint the holder, along with some cute old metal froggy hooks and stuff for hanging up towels out there.  Now that the boys have built us a nice new deck, and the pool is getting a non-holey liner, everything else needs to be stepped up a bit to go with the fresher look.

Getting this stuff up to speed made me wonder:  It was a big trend in VA and NC a few years ago for everyone to hang out big porch flags for seasonal outdoor decoration.  Then, someone came up with smaller ones for mailboxes.  Lately, it seems the folks who still bother are on a jag of monogrammed ones. 

I have a few of each size; but, other than the two doors done with magnetic curtainrods, have gotten out of the habit of hanging them for seasons...yet another casualty of my preoccupation with the mining business issues and then the nursing school stint the past three years.  (Hadn't realized it's been that long since I did much home-oriented stuff!)

I'd rather not do them at all, than put them up - for fall, for example - and then forget to switch them out until the following spring.  Just as bad as the Christmas lights still on the gutters in July. 

So, silly one this afternoon:  Do you hang flags and/or banners at your house?  Tell the truth, have you still got up one that should have been stashed away long before today? 

Person with the most out-of-date banner or flag - who is willing to "out" herself this afternoon - wins!

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Re: Flags and could win a aprize

I'm going to loose,  I'm going to loose.      I have a St. Patrick's Day flag up.    I bought heavy duty magnets and put the flags on the door of the garage.     I even know where the  "Think Spring"  Banner is.     I'll probably change this weekend. 


Now I still have the Christmas Lights on the colorado spruce.   And some garland is still up on top of the livingroom shelves. 

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