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Flash, BOOM!

We started seeing promising signs of rain late this afternoon.  It just looked right, which was a good thing, since it's been a dry winter, and we need rain to make hay for all these sheep and horses. 

About nine thirty, the satellite started breaking up, which often means storms to the west, heading our way.  Here we are an hour later, with downpour #3 beating like a drum on the roof, lightning and thunder galore.  

If the radar I just pulled up is right, we are in for a long night...what we've gotten so far is the small stuff.  Lots of red across the Doppler screens, not too much heavy wind so far, though. 

Glad tomorrow is a stay-at-home day.  Probably won't sleep too soundly tonight.  Had planned to do more yardwork, but finally getting some rain is worth a day's delay. 

If you had to/got to spend a day working indoors right now, what would you do with it?  That junky workbench in the backroom keeps waiting for me to deal with it, so maybe....

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