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Flooding basement, flowers popping up & ramblings

Somewhere in my clock resetting pass here at Jenna's yesterday, I accidentally set one back, did get one turned forward, completely messed one up, and had decided to leave the big wall clock above the TV alone. We were waking up to four different times as result.

I think we have gotten the two we intended to change in sync with the one I did right now. Mike got a good laugh at my expense. Maybe I need to put him in charge in Carolina, where we actually have a timed set of responsibilities.

Had the most wonderful day yesterday...five hours of pruning and picking up...feelng it this morning, though! The yard had been littered with styrofoam peanuts that had blown out of a packing carton in one of the old chicken-houses. Really showed up when the snow disappeared.

Also had scads of paint chips, many the size of my hand, where the two newer sections of tin roof didn't take the paint job well two years ago. The paint store guy and painter are due here as soon as the weather permits, to rectify the problem as a warranty. Can't wait...these things tick me off every time the wind blows, so pretty much every day I am here.

I stepped out to the woods edge just now, to discard some vases of sticks I had tried ( but failed) to force buds on indoors. Comfortable enough in PJs, so my assessment is that we will indeed reach mid-sixties, from it being this mild this early today.

Mike has promised to help me run a drip irrigation line through the drainpipe that traverses underneath the front porch. Needs doing before we top off the mulch this spring.

Already had to send him out to clear the basement floor drain's outlet. Stepped down to clean the cat's litterbox and top off her dishes, and was stepping into standing water about halfway across the sloped floor.

Have to make sure that's cleared up, before we head south in a while. After all the snow and with rain coming, we can't have the kitty doing a backstroke to get to her tabletop of essentials.

Do any of you deal with a damp or flooding basement, too? This house has always had water runs across the basement and garage slabs. Have to be careful what we set on the floor in either one. I am thinking of getting a drainage terrace cut across the edge of the yard, to take off most of the runoff that comes off a large pasture in this direction. You can stand and watch water oozing out of the ground along the driveway....

My daffodils are very much up, about six inches high. They are budding hard already, so I expect it will mean short stems on the blossoms this spring. I love it when they get tall and dance in the breeze. One patch I started two years ago is really putting out new was packed with green yesterday. Guess I need to mark that one down for thinning this fall.

Gardens are such a metaphor for life. Some things succeed wildly, others not so much. It takes a while to figure out a landscape...what likes this exposure, where it's too wet for most things to grow.

I had forgotten how much I love growing things...just have given up on the landscaping down south. Rotten soils ( great for lagoon liners, though!), snakes everywhere you turn. I's just time to concentrate on the placevthat isn't so hard, and pour a lot of gravel around the house, office and garage there.

That place is becoming more and more where I " work" and this one where I " live".

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Re: Flooding basement, flowers popping up & ramblings

I have tulips coming up and trees are budding.   Of course those tulips are on the south side of the house's foundation where a wood burner runs in said basement.   


The flooding.   Our basement has had water everytime it rains  1".    There is a drain in the basement and the water will run to it eventually.  But, first it will be in shallow pools before that.   We did finally install a sump pump.   It ran once last year.   When we put in the new hot water heater.     But,  eventually,  after we move,  and empty the basement,  we will have to put channels under the floor.  We can never try to rent out a house  that we know could have  "mold issues".    I run a dehumidifier most of the summer. 


The Big house is a real problem.   Lots of places for the water to run in around the rock foundation.    We are going to try and do some "tuckpointing"  on the walls down there.   There is a small dirt channel to the drain in the newer section.   Neither basement is   liveable.   We also hope that some tile or dirt work will help too.


Tom pruned the apple trees 2 weeks ago.   With a chain saw.   They haven't been touched in 5 - 7 years.    At least now I can get my Grasshopper with ROPS under them.  


My job to adjust all clocks.   Vehicles too.   I'm not even half done.  But, the important ones are done. 

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Re: Flooding basement, flowers popping up & ramblings

The biggest trees we planted two years ago are semi-dwarf.  I was bending branches down and tipping them, taking out bad angles and inward-pointing limbs.  I am not a very accomplished pruner, so I hope this made things better, instead of worse. 


If the figs and persImmon we stuck in the ground yesterday make it, they may reach 60-feet tall.  I hope we live to see that!


Wow!  First time I ever had THAT thought....


I am feelign sort of old today.  We just finished detailing my bike for the last time.  It really felt sad in a era ended. 


Hope to get Mike's done tomorrow, and then load them for the trade-in ride.  The third one will have to wait until later in the week, or maybe into next week.  We can only haul two at once anyway.  The path up there is so bad right now, we need it to set up, before we drag a trailer in and out. 


I mentioned to him the thought of putting in a drainage terrace, to break most of the hillside runoff towards the houses.  It will go at the bottom of the priority list for now, I could tell. 


I  think he just doesn't get the whole moisture issue, because the house always wept this way when he was young.  You know, if it's done this for eighty years, it can do it for eighty more.  The dehumidifier was humming when we left. 


We have started the "shrubbler" drip system for the front loops of roses and shrubs.  I had to sit down and order some tees, els and couplers, as I hate to start a layout and not be able to complete it.   Picked some much simpler dial timers for these systems...those digital ones drive me nuts!


We stepped off the greenhouse site yesterday, and I think it is going to be great...just another "down the list" item this year.  At least the longer I get to consider and design it, the better and easier it 's becoming...we can just tie onto the existing rafters down the longer side of the L.  Much simpler than having to drill tapcons into ancient cinder blocks for a ledger board. 


Waiting for the last big boiler to arrive.   Every time he gets up to go fill the little one after dark, we both say, this is the last winter he'll have to go out at night. 


Lots going on everywhere.  My crocus are blooming.  Picking a weaning date for the first calf crop. 


Time marches on....



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Re: Flooding basement, flowers popping up & ramblings

We still have a white yard inter mixed with MUD. I do hope it firms up tonight but the snow will still be here in the morning so it will probably take more time to get past the mud. We have had snow for weeks which does not happen most winters but with the warmer temps today we can feel spring coming and with it a busy schedule. I fear we have had too much down time this winter. I will be happy to see the crocus bloom.

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