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Forecast shocker this morning

Opened Facebook, to see what's up with the folks I girl had posted a Va forecast model map that knocked my socks off. Since yesterday when I checked it, we had gone from no precipitation this week to a potential of over a foot of snow!

That is a huge accumulation by our standards. We will be making a late afternoon or early evening trip to Jenna's, and hopefully have the day there tomorrow before it starts...after that, it will be back in place here for the duration. Cold called for after the storm will keep us buried for a while. There is still snow everywhere from the inch or two last week...very unusual, as it usually is warm enough for that much to be gone in a day or so.

Don't think I will have to nag the gang to spread the salt on the chute this time. Actually, both houses we are shipping out this week all leave by late Tuesday, so will hopefully be gone before the storm arrives.

Threading the needle. If this forecast is on the mark. Do you girls ever see a total turnaround in the firecast this way?

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mvp farms
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Re: Forecast shocker this morning

Every 2-4" snowfall this month has turned into an all out 50 mph all day blizzard around here.

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Re: Forecast shocker this morning

Good luck Kay!  We just got done with whatever number blizzard for the year.  Luckily we parked our vehicles at the end of the driveway so we could get out.  That is the one downfall to our country living is no tractor which we will remedy sometime but not before a new house.  We have neighbors that are great about blowing us out when we need it and I have use of company loaders so I'm not too concerned at least.  Seems this one was probably the worst of the season so far.  I don't know if it's been said but I'm done with winter....or at least the bitterly cold temps.

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