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Fresh cold & ramblings

Mike just headed back out on his red Mule, working on waterers and fence chargers here in Va. He has two of the four paddocks done. Two undisciplined mules and "their" ancient companion horse are on one, the bull and five cows stepped off our Double D trailer yesyerday afternoon, so we are back in the cattle business here. Really felt good turning them out onto these green hillsides.

He is really disgisted with his former grazing tenant...left us a ruined well pump, which he was supposed to replace, a broken water fountain, which we just ordered guts for, and shorts in the fencelines, plus weeds and overgrazed spots. Lots to fix behind him....

We luckliy had the well service set to fix the pump yesterday afternoon. When Mike came to fill pur boiler with wood, while waiting fir them to arrive, he heard a water leak at the wellhead here at our house. The basement was soaked down half of the floor. The guys fixed that, then got the cattle water well pump for another paddock replaced. $$$$$!!!

Anyway, his description of the ratty sluminum ladder they hung down the casing, for one guy to go about ten feet down, was a hoot. Evidently, a couple of huge spiders met him partway down. THAT he was scared of...not dangling in a fifty-foot deep well by one rickety piece of aluminum....

Winn and I spent our morning yesterday planting strawberry plants in his raised beds beside the big sandbox. I bagged torn black plastic mulch from my garden plot for trash covered in mud! The plot needed lime, so we did that, too. He left before we got in any kite-flying time.

Probably a good thing, because I woke up with a raspy throat and stuffed sinuses. Windy days now make me sleep like a baby, but can set off earaches and a stopped-up nose. I have a couple of dozen leftover strawberry plants for the end of the bed where I ran out here last spring. Waiting for the Sudafed to kick in, before I start tipping myself upside down to set them...balance is off right now.

Gotta get rid of this crud, because I have 500 lespedeza live stakes and a long dibble coming to plant them with in two weeks. Hoping Winn will be interested in sticking the sticks in the dibble holes, so we can entertain each other an hour here and there planting for the bobwhite quail.

Need to run my driplines for the rises, but the whole box of fittings snd timers is MIA. I cannot recall aeeing the box arrive, so traced it from the shipper yesterday. UPS tracking says " Met customer man", so Mike is implicated in the disappearance. He says he " remembers putting them somewhere." This leaves us with two farms and several vehicles to search, for $135 worth of plastic and timers....heaven help him!

I got my errands done yesterday afternoon, after the cows got straight. Had to buy a " big boy" booster seat for my little buddy. Man, these boosters are really advanced, compared to what our kids had. This one looks like a jet fighter cockpit seat, with cupholders. I am looking forward to not having to wrestle the straps and catches on the toddler seat on our travels. He falls asleep riding fairly often, so I was glad to find one with nice side head support. Wish my car seats looked this comfy.

It was sort of nervewracking having a trailer full of cattle behind us coming up yesterday. It's been so long since I hauled live weight, it just felt funny to have them shifting around. Funny what you forget, isn't it? I used to think nothing of running 26 tops on my farm truck and heading out alone.

Stopped by our Farm Bureau office, to bind some coverage on the herd here. Will have to give them specific tag IDs, which was a new one on me. Male agent I talked to last fall said nothing sbout that, and NC coverage for same perils didn't require it. Female agent in the office will be receiving tag numbers by email, as we transfer animals here. I think it bugs our daughter that these cows are worth more than most horses now....I am sure that will change by the time we have many to sell!

Gotta kick it in gear. We haul lut at two for my stretching appointment...really needingbthat, after beating up this knee on my rough land Sunday, and then helping a friend move fkrsix hours on Tuesday. He just lost his partner a couple of weeks ago, and the house they rented is in foreclosure.

They had " downsized" from 4800 square feet to 2500, now he's going down to a 900 sq ft house. Thank goodness he has a huge, dry storage...he is just not ready to really let go of anything much yet. . You never saw so much stuff. Going to try to get back again Saturday, hoping to help finish up the move. He has work every day until then. There's a motley crew of his friends trying to help him focus, pack and haul.

Hope you are all getting warmer and outdoors enough to enjoy spring. It's a busy one here!

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