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Full o' bull!

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So excited to have bought our first herd sire today. Have been studyimg EPDs and shopping from one of the best breeders in Virginia.

Very nice man. He had emailed me stats on a dozen of his offerings about a week ago. That sent me into a quick study of EPDs and breed characteristics. I had gravitated towards three bulls in general, and one of them in particular.

While we were on the way home from our overnight at Jenna's this afternoon, he called from his vacation. We got into a very good discussion/ slash lesson. He is just one of thise people who obviously loves helping people make the right decision.

When I mentioned my top choice, I could tell he was pretty proud of that boy. He pulled up additional stars on calving ease, and started telling me all about his lineage. We wanted a combination of characteristics, and this bull has them all.

I asked him to tie a big "SOLD" tag on him, and he is holding him for us until November. Mike was driving, listening and nodding as we went along. I remembered to cover all his questions.

This is the first time I have ever bought an animal sight-unseen, but the reading I have done says to buy a bull by his numbers, not his looks. I am pretty sure this one will look just fine to us.

This whole cattle diversification is turning out to be very interesting. I love learning something new. This has a lot in common with our farrowing operation way back when, and I am realizing how much I miss this part of the process.

Mike walked his pastures while I cleaned up after breakfast and planted some fall garden veggies this morning. We know what we'll have to do to clean up some weed problems there now, and he loaded a bunch of fence posts and other hardware for dividing some of the pastures here in NC, from our stash in up there.

We circled through town, so I could return the tablet that will not work where we live to Verizon, and then to pick up a mineral feeder. Swung by my farms on the way south from AgriSupply. Man, we need to hay that land dome kinda bad, right now. Logistics....

Got all the fencing stuff unloaded and waiting for a Verizon tech support guy to call me now. He offered to help me solve my Excel problem, with machines we already have, since the new one will not ever work here. That will get both waste records and cattle histories knocked out in one fell swoop.

Getting away for just a day was much got resolved in less than 24 hours. We are both relaxed and refreshed. He even says we're going back this weekend. I will believe it when I see it, but a girl can hope....

Just wondered if any of you have been involved in breeding stick sekections, and, if so, you do it by appearance, or by the stats?
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