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Ruby Lou
Senior Contributor

Garden gloves

I went to work yesterday at my mom's on her garden.  Was looking for my outside work gloves and found some "mechanic" or "driving" gloves that we had gotten as a freebie from some chemical company.  They worked great.  I do wish I would have burnt off the garden a few weeks ago.  It was so windy yesterday that I didn't rake much, just pulled off dead stuff by hand and cut off tall stems.  Took 3 large wheelbarrows full to burn pile and quit.  My cheeks were either red from wind burn or from the workin hard!

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Re: Garden gloves

Sometimes I wear the nitrile milking gloves we use in the parlor.  Especially when planting new little annuals as I usually get wet.  I'll admit they do tear when doing rough stuff so I stuff an extra pair in my pocket.  Good to know about those other ones although my hands are usually too small for the guys size.


I'm heading out this morning to work in the gardens.  Don't know what happened last fall other than the hot weather,

but my flower beds are in awful shape.  It will be a test for my hand too.

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Re: Garden gloves

Those mechanic'g gloves are very glad thy were free! They are expensive to buy.

Every time I purchase a good pair like that, they end up being grabbed by daughter on the way to the hay barn, and never make their way back. I have switched off to multi-packs of those microfiber knit ones with the latex dip on the palms and fingers. Usually come in 3- or 5- pair packs, and bright pink, yellow or purple.

Can get ten of those pair for one of the mechanic style. If I lose a pair, it's no big deal. The colors help me see them when I take them off. Not very bulky, so fit better in a pocket, too. I can't wear men's gloves...hands too small.

Women's workwear is worth what you pay for it.
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