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Global warming and Jupiter

I saw an author on Stephen Colbert this past week, whose book, The Universe Within, explains how things learned from the fossil record and the way our planet evolved are all embedded in us as humans, and greatly influence the way we live.  It was sort of an nteiguing thought, so I downloaded the book on Kindle, and got about a third of the way through it last nIght.  


It is turning into an interesting read;not spellbinding, but explains a lot of scoentofoc prInciples in layman's terms well enough.  The one athing the author said in the interview which rEally snapped my head around related to globla's explained the book, but not so much in relation to the concept he talked about In the interview.


thebplanet Jiter, is wuch a massive entity on ournsolar system, it actually influences every other body in it, most definitely the Earth.  Shubin ( the author) explained that the relative motion of the planets and Jupiter's huge mass effect on Earth has been the major mover in climate change over the history of our planet, by creating fluctuations in our orbit.


In every discussion of climate change I have heard or read, planetary dynamics had never been mentioned.  Here we sit, struggling to pay spiking energy bills, at least somewhat to do with curbinggreenhouse  gas emissions, with the EPA forcing a Renewable Fuel Standard, pushing feed costs out of sight, and this could all be JUPITER'S fault???? 


Don't want to make this a political discussion, but global warming has been made a political issue.  How mad should we be, if this is mostly a matter of a huge planet tugging ours around a bit, setting in motion changes that have been cyclical in nature since the dawn of time?  I feel had....




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