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Good (Kindle) books lately?

Just finished a couple of interesting reads this weekend..."Don't Vote..." by P.J. O'Rourke, and Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail by Caitlin Kelly. 

The first one is political, pure and simple, but P.J. always makes me stretch my mind with his classical references.  Makes me wonder what it would have been like to have gone the liberal arts/literary route in college. 

Malled pretty much explains where that would have ended up, though.  With tens of thousands of print journalists put out of work in the past couple of years alone, it's scary out there for a writer - even a very accomplished one like Caitlin Kelly. 

To supplement her suddenly freelance lifestyle, she takes on one shift a week selling high-end outdoors clothing and gear in a national chain store. I found myself thinking of Lisa and her working arrangements while reading this one, too...although, I think (hope) the  Manhatten publishing world is way more brutal than her professional circles are!

What I really enjoyed about this one was seeing how these huge retail companies work, and the ways in which they are quite blind to their own best interests in some respects.  The book gave a new insight into retail America, and the picture wasn't all pretty. 

Our youngest daughter works for Home Depot, which actually got some pretty good comments for employee benefits and regard for valuing its workforce.  Still, putting up with the public has its moments...I think I wanted to read this one to get a better grasp on what she deals with daily.   

This book made me see how truly demeaning the actions of some spoiled customers can be.  Our kid had gotten her fill of that type in "yuppified" Cary, NC, but loved her more rural VA customers when she transferred. 

I started another book last night - Divinity of Doubt by Vincent Bugliosi.  He's the prosecutor who got the Manson family convicted, which he wrote about in his first book, Helter Skelter.  This one is a tome on agnosticism...mostly an analysis of the documents, and contradictions between and within documents, that religions rely upon to prove beliefs valid.   Struck me as something I would enjoy at Easter. 

For the first time, all three of my most current reads were purchased on Kindle.  I'm really, truly hooked on the thing!  I am still sticking with print for gardening and decorating books...have a great new one about old things coming from my favorite decor influence coming later in the mail today (Thank you, amazon, for instant tracking!) 

So wondered what everyone else  is reading these days, and if it's an e-book or old-fashoined paper and ink....



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Re: Good (Kindle) books lately?

Don't forget to check out for free and reduced price Kindle books. 

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Re: Good (Kindle) books lately?

Thanks for the link!  Any recommendations?

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