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Good for you...

...and not horrible tasting -  chewy and gummy vitamins. 

My daughter came in the other day, and asked me to help her find some adult chewable vitamins.  Her MD had given her a script for some, but Walmart pharmacy kept filling the bottle with regular huge pills, so she asked me what to do. 

We called my pharmacy, and they had some in stock in generic, so they agreed to call and get script from her doc.  Meanwhile, I searched on amazon, and they had tons of different ones.  When I went to pick up her prescription, Walgreen's had some adult multivitamin gummies on a really good sale, so I grabbed a bottle for us to try. 

I have been so pleased with the chewable glucosamine and chondroitin I found a few months ago. Neither Mike nor I care for swallowing horse pills,  so I realized this is one way we will cover anything that might be (probably is) lacking in our diet.  He is taking them without being reminded, and I am taking them along with my GC supplements are my "candy" fix now.  (You can even get sugarfree versions of many of them!)

I know some supplements are not worth it - especially the ones you will not take because you feel they are choking you!  Some people just eat such a balanced diet, they are a waste.  For us, I am thinking that they might not hurt, and may help. 

I was pleased to see that even well-known brands like One-a-Day are selling these now.  There are multis with B12, all sorts of immunity boosters, and ones with calcium and other minerals.  Basically, any type you want that comes in a pill, also comes as a gummy or chewy. 

Thought that some of you might want this information.  It never ceases to amaze me how things that start out for kids end up beign made for old people, too.

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Re: Good for you...

After my last check up with my gyno he recommened a multi-vitamin so I went to Target and found a Target brand multi that is chewable.  It makes me feel like a kid but I like the chewable kind over swallowing so many pills.  I take a chewable multi, and then swallow a Vit. D, Calcium, and Fish Oil plus I also take another chewable Viactiv.  I take more Calcium and Vit. D since I'm not a milk drinker. 

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Re: Good for you...

Good to know, I just always reach for my One A Day, for women over 50 Smiley Happy  I will look for the chewable next time.

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