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Good jobs for hot days?

Stuck inside most of the day in this heat, I have been figuring out things to do that make me feel productive, without risking heatstroke by working outdoors. Today's chore was a thorough kitchen cleaning.
Since the housekeeper took of for her impending childbirth a few weeks back, I have been hitting the high spots in some rooms, and really rearranging and deep cleaning others.

Not the time to be cracking windows to wash them, but I dejunked cabinet tops and opened up ambit of our limited workspace today. As I was waiting for my squash to stick in the skillet, I started straightening up bottles and jars in the refrigerator. before I knew it, there was hot, soapy water in the sink, some rags to scrub the glass shelves and door racks, and a trash bag to gather things that needed to go.

As i figured out a bit different way of using the cold storage, I decided to borrow the labeling machine from Mike's wine closet. it is the one I bought to make waterproof labels in the garden. You can wipe them off and no damage is done.

By the time I was done, I had nice clear labels along the Edge of every shelf, and on every bin in the door. Things are with like things, and it all makes sense. If we want a maraschino cherry or a bottle of Moroccan simmering sauce, I can lay my hands right on it now.

I learned to use printed labels to keep my desk organized when I taught school. Something about that little lable disciplines me into sticking with the system.

My afternoon chore was cleaning out, reorganizing, and labeling the refrigerator. It was a wonderfully cool,chore. The deep freezer is looking good for tomorrow....

I have challenged my FB friends to come up with a list of good chores for hot days. Any suggestions?

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Re: Good jobs for hot days?

Good topic! Tonight I gave the dog a much-needed haircut and a bath outside. Jake & Luke came out to help me hose her off, and of course they got the hose turned on them, and I got squirted a time or two ... it felt so good on a hot night that I didn't even care!

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Re: Good jobs for hot days?

Washing the car used to be one excuse for letting the hose loose on someone, too. I didn't even mind five. Or six hours of cleaning a hog nursery with then pressure washer in really hot summer...the fine mist hangs in the air, and it feels almost like one of those "green tunnels" in the shade of big trees, near a natural spring,
There were places all over Mike 's homeplace where you could feel the cool of the Earth in the areas around the small streams, some cold enough even in summertime to make your teeth chatter. There was one spot that never, ever felt hot...wish I could take a walk to it right now!

When you mentioned the dog getting a haircut, I laughed about poor little Riley, our BC. He is still somewhat traumatized after his grooming appointment last Wednesday. I have never seen such a bad haircut, but at least he is more comfortable looking. I will probably have to drug him to ever get him into a vehicle for a ride again, after that trip!

Got another good job for a day like today. Mike brought in all of the candle lanterns from the porch one at a time this afternoon while I was finishing up the kitchen cleanup. I dug out the melted wax, tossed the candles that were past their prime, washed the glass and metal in a sink full of hot water and Dawn.
When each one was done, i refilled them all with new candles. We really enjoy lighting candles all over out here at dusk. Now, the
lanterns cast a brighter light.
One of my jobs the other day was to glue down several dozen wine corks onto a sheet of luan that I had attached to the back of an antique picture frame, one that had lost all of its molded plaster and most of its paint. I squirted out carpenter's glue, lined them up on the gooey beads of stickum, then set a crate of books on top, to weigh them down in place. Will be the new kitchen bulletin

I took Mike on a " tour" of the refrigerator rigtht before bedtime. He could even see the labels without his glasses, and was very complimentary of my work. That will last until he can't find something he wants in there!

Maybe I will see if we can get the hose going one day this week, to clean up the grill and pig cooker. He is great at washing motorcycles - stainless, chrome - how different could that be?
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