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Google Earth and the tornado

This morning, watching the coverage from Moore. Ok, the news is using a newctool to illustrate the xtrnt of storm damage:Google Earth. It is almost impossible to look at the scoured ground, and imagine what was there before an EF4 or 5 windstorm swept it clear.

The aerials of different areas and the schools that were hit, showing them as they were before Monday's devastation, then juxtaposed with the way they look today, is astounding. Those of us with a bit of land to manage probably use Google Earth more often than most, or have USDA aerials that we routinely work with, so the viewpoint is not unfamiliar.

Online friends sometimes exchange addresses, so we can see each other's farms and homesteads. I want to pull up the Christmas card list, and crossmatch it with these storm tracks. Merryyon, we know it was near you...Suey, you said it wasn't far away yesterday.

All who read this, please post and let is know you are okay, when you can. My heart is breaking for the families of the lost in Oklahoma.
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