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Google maps fun

Mike and I are having a tall cool one on the porch right now...iPad in my lap will reach the Wifi from the office here. I was just putting in addresses of the house and the country store up the road, and we got interested in figuring out precisely when these satellite photos were taken.

I could say it was after some particular tree stands were thinned. You can see the rows that were cut out of the pine stand

Mike got into the screens, and asked me to shift the images in certain directions, to bring one particular field up close. When he saw
which rows of wrapped bales were sitting in certain locations, he could date the photos to 2009, after first cutting.

It's looked lke some of the fields had windrows of hay drying in them when the photo was taken, so I would say summer of 2009.

I looked at my someplace, and it looks like maybe four to five years ago. Mike's someplace was the most interesting...I can tell which quadrant the sheep are grazing on, and count tell which have black heads and which ones are all white! I can date that photo pretty reliably b how much of our EQIP project is completed.

It is reallynneat to look at your farm from the air, and date the land use this easily. Of course, if you thought you had any privacy, you will find out you are dead wrong.

If you get a chance, travel to Google maps, or bng! Maps or Gooogle Earth, and see if you can figure out when the mapmof your place was taken. It is a lot of fun!
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Re: Google maps fun

yes that is fun.  The picture of our place was taken just shortly after the kitchen was completed during our remodel.  Can tell because the small refrigerator we used during the remodel is sitting in front of the garage.  I'd have to ask my DH for the year because I'm absolutely terrible at dates.


We also had fun with the maps finding the house lot I inherited from my folks.  They bought it in the late 80's or early 90's and I have never been there.  Finally found a street address (most of the paper work just has the lot number) for it and found it on the Google maps.  Am hoping that maybe this year we'll be able to have the time to take a trip out west to check it out.


Wonder when Google will go to the expense to update the pictures.


Earlier this winter when I got directions online for an auction we wanted to check out I used some direction giving site that had pictures of the intersections you would encounter.  Those were newer pictures because the first one pictured the picket fence the neighbors across the road put up a few years ago.

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