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Green pan breakfast review

Took the 12-inch green skillet to the stovetop this morning, and it did a very nice job on the bacon.  It was evenly browned, and it was very easy to get the grease out, so I could throw in the eggs to scramble.  


What I really liked better was that the egg whites never tried to brown a bit.  I had been having some trouble with that on the Teflon pan. In that, the whites would spread and brown before I could scrape them into the yolks.  In this green pan, they were easy to lift over, even with the very thin silicone spatula.  Not the first speck of browned egg white, so no indigestible mess in the pan or on the plate.


it took literally a swish in the dishwater to get it clean.  Hope this lasts, 'cause I love it!

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