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Grilling ???

Ok, its 80 here today, and we have been grilling almost every day. Do any of you grill and what is your favorite recipe? I would love to have some new ideas. I love using the grill in the summer. I have always had a charcoal, but last year we did buy a propane and love it. My DH also has his Old Joes, big huge smoker and grill. My DH made some summer sausage with deer meat and it was awesome. Just though some of you may have some great ideas.

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Re: Grilling ???

If you like salmon, try this....make a double layer of foil and lightly spray with Pam....lay a salmon loin on the foil.  Thinly slice a lemon and lay slices over the salmon....put a few sprigs of fresh rosemary on top.  Wrap tighly and grill on medium heat for about 20 is done when it flakes easily.  I love this recipe. 

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Re: Grilling ???

Mike will marinate chicken breast portions and grill them a lot in the spring and summertime.  They are good in lots of ways once cooked.  I will pick up several different types of marinade when they are on  sale, and he decides which will go with what.  We'll also use Italian salad dressing as a simple marinade. 

Another good thing he makes that we really enjoy is shrimp skewers.  He uses a lot of teriyaki and other sweeter marinades on them first, too. 

i have always liked turkey breast cut into chunks and marinated in Italian dressing, then skewered with pieces of sweet peppers adn onions. 

I bought one  of those grill baskets with a skillet handle on clearance last fall, and want to figure out ways to use it this year.  Also got a holder for ear corn to use on the grill, too.  I love corn grilled in the husk. 

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Re: Grilling ???

I love to have some of your weather.  I went back to a Weber last year but also bought one of those little table top gas grills.  Put it on an old metal TV stand on wheels & that does me for quick hamburgers.  We really enjoy the charcoal grill for our steaks & chops.

One of our favorites is chicken that I use a homemade rub on & under the skin.  It's supposed to be a beer can recipe but our chickens are too big to stand up.  Venison loins wrapped in bacon with onion is another favorite.  Asparagus on the grill is good & I like to use my herbs thrown on the coals when I do fish. 

I got a new grilling cookbook last year so I'm studying.

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