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Growing grass?

Rain beating on the roof this morning. Got to grab a quick bath, before my little boy arrives....

Thinking that Mike timed his yard-work just right, getting the most out of the hired man's slack time in the hog operation this week. I think we have Monday and Tuesday still open for him to re-paint a couple of buildings, and help move the porch furniture back in, too. Then the pigs start to ship out and he' ll be washing buildings again....

Last chore yesterday was scattering some grass seed over my former garden spot here in NC. It went to pot last year, and I have started raised bed building at Jenna's this year, where we are on a pretty, well-drained hillside, instead of the mucky edge of a swamp.

We decided to empty and stack the feed troughs I had used for beds for several years here. They even took up the trampoline frame composter, moving a ton of rotted leaves and grass clippings.

When I saw that pretty soil was left underneath, in a perfect 15-foot diameter circle, my first impulse was to make a small garden here again. It is like being a junkie...gardening addiction is a hardcore habit to break.

Mike said it would just be so much easier on him to keep the yard, if I would just let him sow it and mow it. It really had to either be done soon, or it will be too hot and dry to start the grass until fall.

After thinking it over for a while, I gave in, and gave up on gardening here, at least for now. Anything that has managed to survive, which is mostly bulbs and trees, has been mulched with gravel, to discourage snakes, mice and bugs. I will set a pot or two of bright flowers near doorways, but that is it.

Just realized that this is sort of a step in giving up...control? attachment to this place?...the illusion of my ability to go it all anymore? It feels funny to just be growing grass. We did this on first one farm, then another, then another, years ago. I think holding onto gardening was the last vestige of something, and now it's going.

Anyone else making such a lifestyle/mindset change this spring?
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