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Re: Guns

I didn't say in your home.  I mean if I go to the grocery store or if I am walking around a mall I want to see who is armed so I can stay away from them.  An armed person in a public place is a hazard.  I don't want to be any where near some one who may or may not go off half cocked if something happens.  With people walking around armed if an incident should occur the danger would not only be from the criminal instigating the incident but from every idiot walking around waiting for something to happen so they can "defend themselves"

There already are several events in the news that would not have happened if the person had not been armed.  I'm thinking Zimmerman, and the guy who killed the kid over the music on the radio.  It is just a matter of time before something more happens and we will have dead people from cross fire from honest citizens who choose to arm themselves in public.