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Re: Guns

You cite Zimmerman...I don't think the truth is known, or was accurately shown, on that one. He had injuries consistent with having been attacked, which was not revealed until after the media incited public rage. Time will tell....

I don't like to see guns, either, but for a different reason. It bothers me to think that society has deteriorated to the extent that people feel the need for them everywhere they go.

Until we took our permit training, I was oblivious to many risks in our environment. The instructor was in law enforcement or corrections, and he pointed out things I was unaware the young guys wearing gang signs that hung out at the local mall. He gave us statistics on crime there, none of which seemed to make it to the news.

I stopped shopping there entirely. Now, with most stores there defunct for, the recession, the action has moved to the Walmart strip center parking lot. I know what to look for now, and do not go there alone.

There are statistics to show that an armed populace does deter crime. We never can truly know who decides not to pull a robbery because he is afraid he will get shot in the process.

Some of the cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest murder rates, for sure. I have heard a seasoned ER nurse relate the police jargon for such killings: misdemeanor homicide...meaning, no one will really investigate, not a high priority to solve, I suppose. It has gotten that bad in some places. That is in a moderate sized city/state capital,where we have to do some trips on business...we literally have no choice.

Like I said, if the state says citizens have a right to carry weapons, concealed or otherwise, the legislature made a decision on how it wants things to be. It is not crazy to want to protect yourself in some places in these times. Making the decision to carry a weapon does not make a person an idiot or a fruit loop.