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Re: Guns

Using one incident as an example of anything is not always the best thing to do.  It's easy to find a story of a grandmother who shot a robber in her house if that is the kind of example we want.  

The point Kay makes that is hard to refute is the one about the inadequacy of law enforcement to be everywhere and do everything.  It really boils down to the 2d Amendment.  When the Constitution was developed, the writers feared total State power and thus authorized an armed citizenry.  Now, some people would prefer that onlly the State have any weapons and think that means that all are safe (except from the State) .

You cite Japan or England, I cite Switzerland.  This can go on and on.

You believe something and none of us are going to change your mind and some of us believe something else and  you are not going to change our minds.   We can argue forever.