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Re: Guns

I never bought a toy gun for my own children, all of whom are in their thirties now. I did not want them to think a weapon was something to play with, just as candy cigarettes weren't on my shopping list.

I agree that ours is too violent a society. That is precisely why we maintain weapons in our homes, and established our permits to carry them where we see fit.

Please read the post I made below, about the EPA releasing my name and address to anti-animal ag groups, and the IRS hampering conservative groups and harassing their leaders. If you think this government is acting without prejudice, to curtail a lot of our constitutional rights, you are just wrong. There is an agenda afoot, and it is being discovered on several fronts at once.

Reacting with violence and rudeness may be somewhat linked. I address people as " ma'am" and " sir", which is a habit both of upbringing and martial arts training. When a young, thuggy -looking guy hears me say " sir", you can see his eyes change a little bit. I tend to get treated with respect in return.

That doesn't mean I think manners can work to prevent conflict in every circumstance; but, in most, if everyone respected others, the level of social interaction would be improved. I think people are just plain scared much of the time, and fear turns into anger, turns into violence.

Until we address the underlying fear, its causes and cures, we are on a long, hard road. Yes, some abuse the fear, incite it and thus escalate it. I think our president is at the top of the fearmonger list.