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Re: Guns

I realize that entertainment is an argument put forth by gun advocates.  I read an interesting column by a Canadian entertainment critic yesterday.  You have to admit that with today's technology makes entertainment  pretty much world wide.  In other words every body every where in the world is watching the same movies and television shows, playing the same video games listening to the same music. And I'd think you find that our entertainment is probably the most pirated, and streamed to other parts of the world.  I'd hazard a guess the far less is brought into this country from other world wide entertainment sources.

As I said this guy was Canadian, which being so close is especially exposed to the same entertainment that our country is.  Yet we are still considerably more violent with each other than in other countries in the world.  OUr murder rate is higher, our crime rate is higher and our incarceration rate is higher. Why, I don't have a clue.  Perhaps it is the atmosphere of entitlement that has been created in this country for the past several decades.

I remember being totally astounded watching a Maury Povich show years ago.  He had on gang members.  This one girl stated "if I like the shoes you have on you can believe I'm going to take them from you.  If I want them they should be mine."

Where oh where does an attitude like that come from.