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Re: Guns

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I dont see anywhere in my post anything about background checks or registries.  I have no problem with background checks... just to set the record straight.  


My point is that many law abiding citizens own high powered, large magazine guns that will never be involved in a horrific crime like CT.


But when sme mentally ill person murders innocent people in mass we immediately want to make those guns illegal.  


Watch the news nightly in our larger cities......gang and drug related shootings EVERY night using illegally owned weapons.  Nobody is talking about ridding those communities of those guns!  I can speculate why not but I wont on here.



We deinstitutionalized our mental health care in the 90s leaving these families powerless to deal with their mentally ill loved ones.  No help.  No power.  The prisons and jails are full of people who need to be in a hospital for long term care but in typical US fashion we asserted that they have "rights" of self determination and we shove them off to desperate families, homelessness, and jail and tell ourselves we are protecting their rights!


Then when a