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Re: Guns

I was living in Kalamazoo Michigan in the mid 70's and remember the controversy when they closed the state hospital there.  But I really do not remember homeless people becoming an issue until in the 80's and the havoc Reagan began on the middle class.

I had so hoped that mental health would become a real part of the discussion on gun control.  The mental health industry is a disaster.

I have a sil that is mentally ill.  It has been a nightmare for my daughter coping not only with him, but with the industry.  I simply cannot figure out how they think they will help any one when they only listen to the sick person.  My sil is not stupid and knows exactly what to say and what not to say to his doctors and therapists to avoid the medication he does not want to take and to make it seem like he is coping OK.  They truely do not get an accurate picture of him and his illness by not talking to those around him.  Yet he continues to be able to exclude any one he wants from input into his care.  And I must add that we are very fortunate that his illness has not manifested any violent or self destructive tendencies yet. I can not imagine how the families of those that do cope.

My sil does not function as a part of society nor does he function well as a member of a family.  Yet his mental health providers are satisfied as long as they can keep him out of a delusional state.  That simply is not good enough.