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Having fun & fitness

Well, I am really enjoying the decision to keep our grandson while daughter works.  He is two months old today, and we've made  it one whole week together, neither one much worse for the wear.  He is getting cute as all get-out, cooing and giggling, really personable.   


We have been meeting at our old store to work out at nights, most weeknights.  He sits in his swing and carries on "conversations" with us as we train. 


The woodstove is all connected to the chimney now, so it's warm enough there for the baby.  The family that has a small cemetery in the former junkyard beside the store - it was disgraceful until it was cleaned up last summer - is planning to cut the trees down in that tiny area.  They were planning to haul the trees off as trash, but we have asked them to cut them up in stove lengths.  That  will provide us with a small stash of firewood, right at hand. 


SIL got the water working today, while daughter and I rode GS with us to haul a load of  metal junk they had picked up since the big recycling push last fall.  He worked on the well pump replacement  this afternoon, while waiting for the septic tank man...who had to call and postpone until tomorrow morning, due to an emergency call. 


I am really hoping that the wastewater management issue isn't a big problem, so we can have a fully functioning restroom in the shop up there, too.  Having running water is a big plus, for projects, and we got that far today.  Not having to stop to come back to the house for every bathroom break will be even better. 


If it all flows well, I've got to clean out the trashy floor, wash it with a stiff brush and the wet vac, and lay some of the extra tile we had leftover from the store portion.  Now that we've run the bat out of this, his  former bedroom, I can clean it up for human use. 


The walls need painting, but it's a tiny space, so ought not take too long to complete.  I am thinking of using a bright red glossy enamel I have on hand, and doing the floor in black and white checks.  Sounds right for a shop bathroom, don't you think? 


As daughter and I drove to the recycler today, she thanked me so much for fixing up the family gym space.  We are planning to form a Living Healthy North Carolina 100-day challenge team.  It only takes two people, but I have told her that anyone who wants to pay $20 to register with us is free to join, up to the team limit of ten.  


This program starts on January 23rd, and ends May 1.   It allows the team to focus on either weight loss or minutes of activity. We have decided to do Minutes of Activity, since the more active we are, the less weight is an issue anyway.  


 If anyone is looking for an organized approach to fitness, consider looking into Living Healthy America.  The website is interactive once you are enrolled.  I am printing out the Captain's handbook, to better understand it, now.    Here's a link:


A nundred days is a long enough commitment to see results.  Let me know what you think. 

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