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Haylage done

We usually do put up the 1st cutting of hay into bags & this year it was a no brainer.  With all the rain we've had (I've lost count of how much) the big issue was getting it cut & out of the field without totally rutting up the fields.


In one spot the hay was almost too dry but we had to get a 2nd tractor to pull the 1st one out that was slipping.  Crazy.  Neighbors want dry bales so they cut theirs but it's pouring this morning and last night too.  More rain coming on the way.  Think they have a problem.


Last year we were in a drought, which could still happen I suppose, but right now we could use some dry weather & sun.


Another interesting happening.  DH looked over his shoulder to see the old 706 with smoke coming out then flames & too near the fuel barrel.  Jumped off his tractor & ran over & found a bird nest on fire under the hood.  Could have been a disaster.  Thank God no casualties. 

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