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Heartborken for New Zeland

A year ago today we were in New Zeland living and working with some of the most wonderful people in the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  Between work assignments, we spent three wonderful days in Christchurch, wandering its safe, lovely streets, visiting historic buildings, churches and galleries.  Its botanical garden is ranked in the top five in the world. 


Tonight's news report on the devastating earthquake in Christchurch brought me to tears.  I am so saddened by what I saw.  Our dear friends on the North Island have been in contact with us relaying news about our friends on the South Island where all the damage is.


Please keep these dear, dear people in your thoughts and prayers. 

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Re: Heartborken for New Zeland

The first news blurb I heard today did not mention. Christchurch, but I immediately thought about you guys and your trip there last year.  I hope that all of your friends there are safe and sound.  It sounds as though many were lost, and the damage looks quite extensive. 

The videos of the city were very sad.  I was glad to hear it reported that a search and rescue team from the US is already bound in that direction.  Those folks and their animals are great at locating survivors. 

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Re: Heartborken for New Zeland

I thought the same as Kay when I heard the news. What a tragedy to happen in such a safe place otherwise. Thank goodness you still have communications with your friends in NZ. I'll keep them in my prayers.

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