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Heavy dews?

Was outside thumping around in the yard here at Jenna's sort of early yesterday. Daughter's in-laws had their RV hooked into the electricity and water at the front porch corner, and I stumped out to knock and call them in for breakfast. Picked up a ton of wet grass clippings.

After all of them went in and out numerous times for food, bathroom, feeding the horse, and keeping up with Winn, the house looks like I need a baler in here, more than a vacuum. I am really feeling slow this morning, I guess after entertaining him in these surroundings all day Wednesday, and them that night and then yesterday morning.

Having this much moisture in the mornings is a really fall-ish feeling here. It's been very temperate...seventies and eighties in August is lovely. It's actually a tad chilly until about nine esch day. Saw mums at the garden center this week, and my few little pumpkins that made in the dry of July got picked yesterday...just the right size for a little boy.

We have hay cut for the kids in Carolina, the warm season half of my homeplace got laid down these last two days. Should have cut that a while back, but wanted it to seed out, to increase the stand by knocking off the heads. Native grasses make your nervous until Year 3, and we are in Year 2.

Encouraging after a really inauspicious start last summer. Up to Mike's chest, so he says he would lose me in the stand now...lots of tonnage. He mentioned seeing quail on the place yesterday for the first time, so maybe the planting is drawing them from my habitat acres across the road. If they eat grasshoppers, that place is a smorgasbord.

Funny to say seeing a few birds is so encouraging, but if you had seen that place after the mining, you would know what a miracle it is that they can survive there. I guess Mother Nature is a tough old gal.

Just wondering how everyone's doing this morning. Too quiet here, after Hurricane Winn passed through!
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Re: Heavy dews?

We have having heavy dew most morings too and I agree seems early. I have seen reclaimed mine ground and you must be doing everything right. Higher temps coming here so enjoy the cooler weather.

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Re: Heavy dews?

Sittng here waiting for the caffine to kick in.    Have powerwashed a little the past 3 days.  Need to disenfect today.  Little Pigs coming Tuesday.   Expect my painter/HS girl,  to come again today.   Went to Menards last night and got more paint.   Expect to be able to paint the American Pig room anytime.    Keep trying to think of what to keep and what to throw away or leave here when we move.  Need to take down the fence around the sweet corn.   Too wet in the AM  and going to be too hot this afternoon. 


Today is housecleaner day.   Good thing because  I have company coming tonight.   Just one BIL and his DD.   He is coming for his HS  class reunion.    


Time to kick myself in gear. 

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Re: Heavy dews?

Must be the day, but I am also in a slump today.  Maybe will post on that later.  Heavy dews here also, the quietness of fall has started, lots of locusts and crickets chirping, and those da** Japenese beetles are eating the puddin' out of my roses.  I have sprayed with carbryl (sp?) several times and it hasn't slowed them a bit. 


I digress.  Last day for DGS #1 before he goes back to the great party school of the nation- U of IL in Champagne, IL.  Where else would it be located?  Beer, IL if there was such a place?  One more semester and yes, he does know how to party according to the tagged posts on Facebook.  LOL  sometimes I skip them.  Don't want to know.  But should fix a little extra for lunch today in celebration but I feel soooo tired.  Off for a walk (or a stroll) before it rains.  Looks like it will miss us again and we do need it. 



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