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I'm back..........I posted a few months ago when it was really cold and Kay was saying it was almost 32!.   We were glad at that time to get above zero.   What a winter it was.  Glad it's gone as of today!


My husband and I operate a dairy farm in WI and are getting to the point of trying to exit.   Our kids do not want to farm, and I can't see as I blame them.  So that's whats been on our minds these days.   Lots of things to think about.   Rent out the land?   Sell the land?   Sell the land and the buildings?   Sell the cows privately or through an auction?    It all makes our heads spin.


Then I wonder what we'll do in retirement since we've been harnessed to the farm for 30 years with only one real vacation back in 1996.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that but it's true.   I've been on vacations separately but my husband hasn't been off the farm in almost 20 years for more than one or two nights. 


We have been blessed with good health but for how long.....we want to travel and hope we are able to once the cows are gone.  We have 1.5 employees but they can't handle things when we're gone as they don't know how to run the machinery.


I also work off the farm part-time in an office.  Haven't really thought about when to retire from there but not before I turn 65 (for health ins reasons).


I'm going to take a walk now with our daughter because it's gorgeous won't be this nice again for awhile.   Then it's sit in front of the tube to watch March Madness!   Rooting for teams in my bracket.....WI of course, and VA and Duke (don't really like them but they'll probably go far) and of course KY can keep winning till they lose to WI.  LOL.  Last year our 3 sons went to Dallas for the Final Four.   Maybe they can go to Indy this year?