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Here's one for!

Speaking of gremlins, have I had an evening with them. Found the Winduws tablet at Verizon Friday late in the afternoon. Asked the clerk if I could finish the setup at home, because it was almost dark, and I still had Sam's and an hour's drive home. Sure...simple!

I could shoot myself!

Brought it home, plugged it in to charge, and did other stuff all yesterday. Waited to get an email link from the lady at NCDENR, for the recordkeeping forms for our waste management permit. She actually sent the link today, confirming that a site I has found on a search was the right one...all this on the desktop in my office.

Came in late this afternoon, started setting up the tablet...but, it's not letting me use snything, because it is freaking out somewhere lookingbfir Windows. Have activated it by phone, typing in 72 ( yes, 72) numbers on the telephine, then 72 ( yes, 72) back into the tablet itself. Still, it will nit activate my account.

Called verizon twice, was referred the secobd time to Micrisoft, but, NO! It was some third -party with one of those heavy foreign accents. She referred me to Microsoft tech support.

I had to put some of these calls in speakerphone, just to be able to hear so much information. Mike sat and listened, I think amazed at how complicated this supposedly dimple thing had becime. I am no further along, after a full recovery operation, five hours mostly spent in call queues, and much explanation, than I was before I started.

He says to take it to the store, and make them fix it. Sure, another half-day in the car, standing and still getting nowhere. Exactly what I need this week!

Have a return call promised by Microsoft. With my luck, they will call in the middle of alarm testing, with Winn chomping at the bit to hit his sandbox, tomorrow. This on top of being so aggravated, I cannot sleep.

All this to make Mike's bookwork easier for they have a clue how much we love them?
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