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Re: Here we go again....

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Well, if these windows and the office ones are going to get washed, either the hired man or his boss will be on the outsides of them. I am not going to be scaling a stepladder anymore. We have a helper in Virginia who wants some hours this spring, so I intend to put him on the outsides of the ones in Jenna's house, too.

What's the difference in putting the hired man you have to pay anyway to work, v. Hiring outside household help?

I either have to lay off a guy who is working out well, because we are being cleaned out before starting to fill our buildings eight-weeks long process...or, keep him busy outside the hog houses. Good help is hard to find. This guy is decent, and we would hate to lose him by laying him, he has to earn his keep. I am certainly not gong to pay him to sit on his hiney for two months.

If I can get him to catch onto using a paintbrush, we have office steps to coat with some nonskid stuff, the whole pool deck to seal, and I would love to stain the house, garage and poolhouse, too. That ought to consume his time for a couple of weeks. Why let him go, and pay someone else several thousand dollars to do the same thing?
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