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Here we go!

Spent most of yesterday, after a nice, sunny ride back from Virginia, driving to a grower meeting about the recent assault of lawsuits on swine farming in North Carolina. This is a very convoluted string of events, involving nuisance claims against dozens of growers and our integrator.

I got back a bit after midnight, with a much clearer understanding. The nuisance claims were only one part of the story. They have been reduced to claims against our integrator only now, moved to federal court, and will take years to resolve. Defending the claims isn't rocket science, from what I can see of them.

The case that really cost me sleep, when I got home exhausted and upset, is one involving a family that I met in the supper serving line. Very nice people. Essentially, they bought a defunct, poorly-run finishing farm, and started trying to turn it around , in 2011.

Within a month of taking it over, they learned from the media that they were being sued under federal Clean Water Act and RCRA laws. Clearly, they did not create the problem, and didn't realize what they were getting into.

They have already spent roughly a half-million dollars in legal fees, fighting a lawsuit by the Robert Kennedy, Jr.,- led group called Waterkeepers Alliance and others. Funded by huge corporate interests, the Waterkeepers have lost a similar action on Maryland's Eastern Shore, against a Perdue Farms broiler grower.

We were introduced to a website,, at the meeting. It includes a fifteen-minute video, about the Hudson family, who are Perdue growers. Their defense cost $3 million. All that, because someone making a flyover saw a pile of what WASN'T chicken manure, and said it was.

These groups even kept plowing over this family after they knew they were wrong. If you watch the video - and I urge you to do so - pay special attention to the redhaired lady and her email capture. These folks just decide on a watershed, then look for a victim farm family to harass endlessly.

Now, their attention has turned southward, and RFKJ is still carrying out the vendetta he developed while doing community service he, in resolution of his heroin charges.

You folks may feel this is far away, and not yourroblem, but we are alrady seeing moves my the Des Moines Water Authority, to have tile outlets defined as point sources, subjecting them to syrenuous federal regulation. I think we are seeing an attack on production of all types, coming all over our country, on the making.

Please visit the website. I have given input on how to improve it, making ot more of a useful tool in this fight. Please let me knkw what you think....
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Re: Here we go!

Thanks for that info.  The Clean Water Act legislation is being called the largest land grab in the history this county. If that passes we will all have many more problems.  Any stream on a property will be cause for their involvement and a nightmare for the landowner.

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