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Honored Advisor

Holed up indoors...

...actually in the office, due to the chemical sprayer running on the neighbor's field today.  They are doing the pre-plant burndown, and the wind has the stench of the chemicals coming in my house so strong, I cannot breathe in there. 

Mike couldn't even stand it in the yard.  It's not penetrating the office - so far.  If it gets out here, I will have to load up and leave. 

I hate to complain, since we have a good relationship with the tenant farmer on that place...but this is ridiculous.  They should have waited for the wind to shift, or for a calmer day.  That's what we have to do when we spray manure on our fields. 

I am hoping now that the smell is all that drifted, so we do not end up with a dead lawn and plantings.   We have a nice new stand of small maples coming along on that side of the yard. 

Am wondering...would bring a candle help dissipate this problem?  I need to be in the house, but am scared to head back that way yet.  Wanted to work outdoors this hope the wind moves the smell on out soon. 

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