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Re: Home Alarms ??

The police chief in the township that I write law enforcement grants for tells people who ask him about an alarm system to do the following:


Get your self a stop watch and try this....Imagine that there is an intruder in your house....the scariest scenario you can imagine.... they have triggered your alarm but they are smart intruders...they already know that it takes about 20 minutes for a police cruiser to arrive and that depends on the time of day, day of week etc.....OR you hear something suspicious inside and you call 911.....still takes 20 minutes....


Now for our experience... set a stop watch for 20 minutes....keep your eye on the watch.....imagine you are holding your small children willing them to be quiet....praying the police are can hear the intruders...


Keep listening as the intruders work their way through your home...imagine you can hear them, hear things crashing....footsteps moving quickly from room to room....check your stop watch....not even five minutes has passed....things still crashing, starting to whimper.....


Footsteps right outside the door of the get the idea....the way he does it is very intense and gets the point across...


According to Chief Smith, unless you are certain that you will get a police response within 5-10 minutes you need lethal protection.  Dog or no dog...alarm or no alarm.....he cannot stand the thought of something like happened back east happening to any family. 


If you have kids you MUST store your weapon safely but you still need to be able to protect your family.


In Ohio, the law was changed a few years ago, from self defense to a presumption that, if an intruder is in your home, he means to do you harm.  You have the right to use lethal force without proving self defense. 


Has twenty minutes passed yet?  Is the cruiser there yet?  An alarm is better than nothing but nothing is better than self protection. 

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