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Re: Home Alarms ??

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Your assessment is entirely correct. 

Yesterday's TKD class was focused on self-defense movements taken from Hapkido, an art much like Aikido.  In both, the movements and principle guiding them is to use the attacker's force, redirecting it to your advantage.  For instance, you use their reaching to grab you to make them overreach, which throws off their balance.  Loss of balance is a great disadvantage in a fight. 

Some of the students were low ranks, who had not done this part of our training before.  Our instructor told them that it takes 2000 repetitions of an action to make it a part of your practice. 

That sounds about, if you buy a gun, and thus plan to use it, at least rehearse mentally - and frequently - how you will reach for it, release the safety and draw it when needed.  This does not mean to dwell on threat, which is too much of an anxiety response.  It means to put your weapon where you can easily access it, and not putting junk on top of it that will make it impossible to use it, if you find that necessary. 

Impulsivity is exactly what most of us responsible people stifle in our lives...we discipline our impulses and stem the desire to act without consideration of what is socially acceptable.  We try our best to adhere to rules, and they totally ignore that they even exist. 

I am dealing with one of these "victims" in a property co-ownership role right now.  According to her, the county didn't mail her tax bills last fall, the yearly listing form just turned up last week - from a first week of January mailing, the floors in a trailer she'd paid nothing for to her former employer had rotted through, and she could not believe the heirs of that employer didn't want to repair them for her at their expense. 

I had to pay the whole tax bill - two-thirds of which is her garbage pickup fees - to keep my name out of the newspaper next month as a delinquent taxpayer.  Meanwhile, two different banks were stupid enough to lend her what the entire property is worth, on her half of it.  Judgments abound.  My only option is a suit for partition...and yes, I walked into this situation knowing some of the above, but not nearly all of it. 

The property adjoins our family's farm, or I would have let it sit and rot.  Would have worked with her, if not for all the lies.  Actually, one lie is enough for me to part company.  Anyione who lies as glibly as this chick does has GOT to go. 

So, I am entering into about my 2000th repetition of "fixing someone else's mess."  Everyone is a damned victim...and I for one am full to the gills with hearing it.  What is it they say...if you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative when you are older, you have no brain?  I have aged long enough to have made that transition. 

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